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We work with our clients to ensure their water systems are legally compliant, and their properties are safe for staff, customers and the public. We also provide a passive fire protection service to keep your people safe from smoke and flames.

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Legionellasafe Services have been deemed as key workers under the Government guidelines

During these unprecedented times, the Health and Safety at Work Act still applies in the current situation and as such an employer or those in control of premises must continue to manage any risk arising from their activity and this includes legionella control.

LegionellaSafe – our service explained

Legionella services delivered by highly-qualified and experienced consultants and technicians


Expertise in all sectors, from care homes to sports stadia, as well as domestic property


Legionella compliance – follow our simple 4-stage guide to meeting your legal duties


A skilled team of corporately-trained Legionella experts delivering clear advice and service

Legionella – your questions answered
  • Legionella pneumophila, along with closely related bacteria, is the bacterium that causes Legionnaire’s disease. It is commonly found in natural water (rivers, ponds and lakes). In man-made water systems, Legionella can multiply and become dangerous. It grows fastest in warm water, which makes hot water systems, including swimming pools and spas, most at risk of harbouring infection.

  • Legionellosis is a respiratory disease caused by Legionella bacteria. In its most severe form it can cause a type of pneumonia, called Legionnaire’s disease, which is potentially fatal.

  • Legionnaire’s disease can be contracted by breathing in vapour, or small droplets of water, that contain the Legionella bacterium. This may happen during the process of drinking or other forms of ingestion, especially if the person has difficulty swallowing. Because of this, any water system that generates heat, along with water vapour or water spray, has a higher risk of causing the spread of Legionella.

  • People most at risk are older (over the age of 50) or very young. Smokers, or former smokers, who are more susceptible to lung disease, and people who drink heavily are also at particular risk, along with those who have diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease. Also, people with compromised immune systems, for example, patients being treated for cancer, are more likely to contract the Legionella disease.

  • Businesses and organisations have a duty to comply with the Health and Safety Executive’s Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8. The code of practice was established under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. It is further supported by the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2010, and Health and Safety Guidance (HSG) 274, issued in 2014.

    The approved code of practice, along with the supporting regulations and guidance, sets out responsibilities to meet standards of water system management, and how to achieve these standards through risk assessment, monitoring, remedial works and management of compliance systems.

  • A Legionella risk assessment must be carried out by someone competent to do so. You must be sure that the person carries out the risk assessment in accordance with the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8. This does not mean the risk assessor must be qualified, but they must be experienced and competent to assess the specific kinds of water systems on your business premises. Most organisations prefer to outsource Legionella risk assessment. This is because they can be sure the risk assessment, which is the fundamental platform upon which Legionella control is based, is carried out by the most competent person. In doing so, the organisation is likely to be supporting its due diligence defence if legally challenged.

  • If your organisation is not Legionella-compliant, a process which starts with carrying out an adequate Legionella risk assessment, the consequences could be serious. If the Health and Safety Executive carries out an inspection and finds your compliance regime is inadequate, it could impose immediate operational restrictions and/or require remedial measures that could be commercial onerous and expensive.

    The HSE could also take legal action against the company and its representatives, resulting in fines and other punishments. If the failure to carry out a Legionella risk assessment leads to people contracting Legionnaire’s disease, potentially dying as a result, the HSE will almost certainly prosecute the company and possibly its representatives. Charges brought could include manslaughter, for which the penalty could be imprisonment.

    As a result of these risks, it is always more sensible and probably less costly and onerous in the long-term to ensure you comply with all relevant Legionella control legislation.

Our services

Legionella Risk Assessments

The starting point of any Legionella compliance programme, our trained and experienced team carries out Legionella risk assessments on every kind of property. You can rely on a LegionellaSafe consultant to act as your Competent Person, as defined by the HSE, to carry out Legionella risk assessments in a thorough and timely manner.

Bespoke Monitoring

We deliver Bespoke Legionella monitoring packages to suit you and your property’s needs. Our monitoring services ensure risks are covered and you are always Legionella-compliant.

Legionella Remedial Works

We have trained teams across the UK ready to carry out the Legionella remedial works needed to ensure your property fully complies with legislation and is safe.

Water Tank Cleaning and Chlorination

We deliver a range of cleaning and disinfection services, including thermal or chemical disinfection to remove Legionella bacteria. Our service includes Legionella cleaning and disinfection of hot and cold water systems, showers, taps, condensers, pipe systems, and cooling systems.

Equipment and Plumbing Installation

Our qualified fitters install testing and monitoring equipment, and new plumbing systems required to ensure Legionella compliance. As such, we provide an end-to-end Legionella control service.

Legionella Consultancy

Our Legionella consultancy service helps a wide range of clients manage and develop their property portfolio strategically, safely and cost-effectively. This includes selecting the right Legionella control systems for new developments, and responding to actions taken by regulatory authorities.

Water Sampling and Testing

LegionellaSafe can manage all your water sampling and testing needs, whether they are limited in scope, or require a national programme across multiple properties requiring detailed chemical analysis. We work with you to ensure the right sampling system is in place to give your complete assurance and full legal compliance.

Framework Agreements

We deliver Legionella services according to framework agreements, for example with housing associations, so they can be sure service levels are guaranteed, properties and always Legionella-compliant, and costs are both transparent and controlled.

Energy Saving Advice

As well as ensuring your heating systems are safe and free from Legionella bacteria, our in-depth knowledge of water systems means we can provide you with energy saving advice and services that reduce your costs and contribute significantly to your organisation’s sustainable operations.

Passive fire protection installation service

We offer a passive fire protection installation service that will safeguard you, your employees and customers if the worst happens and there is a fire on your premises. We will provide impartial, expert advice to ensure your buildings meet fire regulations and will provide the best protection in the event of an emergency.

Sectors we serve

Housing Associations

Our teams work with housing Associations, including housing associations, councils and private landlords across the UK delivery Legionella consultancy and services. They know they have a duty of care to their tenants, some of whom will be vulnerable or sick, so needs the highest standard of protection from harmful bacteria like Legionella


Schools and colleges take Legionella compliance very seriously given the concern parents have for the safety of their children. Their buildings can also have highly complex water systems. This is because of the way education buildings are developed over time, the intensity of their use, and the educational use of water systems, such as in science blocks. We are fully experienced at operating in these environments, so schools, colleges and universities receive the very best Legionella support.

Local Authorities

Local councils manage a myriad of buildings, from schools and colleges, to help centres, offices and leisure complexes. Their duty of care to the public is of paramount concern. We help local authorities across the UK fully comply with Legionella legislation, within framework agreements where applicable, to set standards they expect other organisations to follow.

Care Homes

We work with individual care homes and care home groups to ensure they are always one hundred per cent Legionella safe. Care homes look after our most vulnerable citizens. We work both sensitively and appropriately in care home environments. Our consultants and technicians are trained to respect the dignity of all individuals.

Facilities Management

We support facilities management companies in their work as they professionally manage often complex portfolios of properties, from the oldest to the most modern. Developing robust programmes for Legionella monitoring and water sampling are key, as is the need to be fast to respond to the needs of end-use clients.

Healthcare - Dentists

Healthcare facilities, including dental practices, have some of the most high-risk environments for Legionella bacteria. They have highly intensive and complex water and heating systems. They are also visited by potentially highly-vulnerable people. We work with healthcare organisations, both private and public, and dentists, to ensure full compliance with Legionella legislation, from Legionella risk assessment through to full monitoring programmes.

Hotels and Leisure

From spa facilities to swimming pools and indoor water features, hotels and leisure centres have very specific reasons to take Legionella control very seriously. We deliver a full range of Legionella compliance services so the facilities managers of these high-risk properties are confidence they are always getting the best advice.


Factories and other industrial premises often use water in production processes. In many cases, huge volumes of water vapour and condensate can be generated. This points to specific Legionella risks which we counter with our expert advice and services.


Food outlets, especially, from small cafes to large supermarkets, have water systems that need careful Legionella risk assessment, monitoring and control. We work with all types of retailers, and their FM providers, to deliver expert Legionella advice and services.

Sports Stadia

Sports facilities, including arenas and stadia, have a duty of care to tens of thousands of people who go through their doors in a year. A risk with these facilities is the potential for water systems to not be used for relatively long periods of time. We work with sports management organisations to effectively minimise Legionella risks and meet statutory requirements.

Domestic Properties

Domestic properties can cause Legionella risks as well as commercial ones. We offer a full suite of Legionella services to residential customers, as well as estate agents, delivering assurance at key moments in a property’s history, for example during the purchase process.

4 stages of Legionella compliance
Ensuring your properties are Legionella-compliant is not as complicated it may first appear. Simply follow the LegionellaSafe 4-stage guide to meet your legal duty and maintain public safety.

Stage 1 – Risk assessment

Book a Legionella risk assessment of any properties you are responsible for. This is a fundamental part of Legionella compliance, and its starting point.

LegionellaSafe carries out a free, comprehensive survey to enable our consultants to fully understand the risk associated with your properties, and advise accordingly.

Stage 2 – Remedial action

Carry our remedial action by removing, cleaning or upgrading any assets that present a risk, if one is identified.

The first question must always be: can the risk be removed? LegionellaSafe’s highly-experienced and qualified remedial teams carry out all aspects of risk compliance work nationwide, at competitive rates.

Stage 3 – Implement controls

Put in place effective ongoing control measures. The LegionellaSafe bespoke monitoring and auditing service creates a comprehensive record of compliance actions in a Legionella monitoring manual.

This includes temperature checks, inspections and reviews. We include options to train and integrate your own employees into the control process, so your overall annual costs are reduced.

Stage 4 – Awareness and training

Train responsible employees with basic half-day Legionella awareness courses.

About Us

LegionellaSafe has a highly-skilled team of corporately-trained technicians and consultants, led by a senior management team with nearly 30 years of water industry experience.

You can trust us to deliver high quality service, backed by an assurance that we will always give you the best, and most transparent advice. So, your premises will stay Legionella-free and safe for your staff, customers and the wider public.

We are experienced and expert at using all appropriate legislation and regulations to deliver our Legionella advice and services, including:

  • Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974
  • ACOP L8
  • Water Supply Regulations 1999
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002
  • HSG274 Part 1, 2 and 3
  • BS:8580 – Risk Assessment Standards
  • Health Technical Memorandum 04-01

LegionellaSafe is a national service, with offices in the West Midlands, London, Manchester and Scotland.

We are part of a service group that deliver specialist emergency cleaning, waste management and pest control services to the UK’s largest and most demanding blue chip companies.

Head Office

LegionellaSafe Services, Office No.1, Grosvenor Court, Lea Hall Enterprise Park, Wheelhouse Road, Rugeley WS15 1LH
Telephone: 0808 133 0131 Email: info@legionellasafeservices.co.uk

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