Legionella Compliance Advice – COVID19

Legionella Compliance Advice – COVID19

Legionella Compliance Advice – COVID19

During the current coronavirus pandemic, focus has rightly been on the safety and well being of staff members and the general public with regard to tackling the spread of the virus and it becomes easy to lose focus on our general day to day priorities.

However, as our work practices, movements and behaviour changes this can have a significant impact on aspects of the safety of our properties and this includes the risk associated with legionella compliance.

Health and Safety Law continues to apply, and duty holders still maintain a legal obligation to protect those in and around their properties from exposure to legionella bacteria both now and in the future.

If you require any advice regarding legionella control, or have concerns specific to maintaining the risks associated with legionella bacteria during the coronavirus pandemic, we have a team of advisors on hand on our live chat portal https://direct.lc.chat/11755473/ Alternatively, you can email on info@legionellasafeservices.co.uk


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